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Lachy's Reach

Equine Insight Inc. has been partnering with Lachy's Reach since 2021 and we greatly respect and appreciate the work that this amazing organisation has done.

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Their Story

Lachy's Reach is a registered Charity which raises money to connect young people to alternative & holistic services to support their mental health such as Equine Therapy/ Equine Assisted Learning, and Art Therapy.

Melanie Jorgensen started Laps for Lachy 3 years ago after the suicide of her 15-year-old son Lachlan. Since then she has been determined to help other young people with their mental health. With overwhelming support of the community the annual Laps for Lachy event has raised over $20,00 and supported over 60 young people to attend Equine Therapy sessions. The Laps for Lachy Day is still their major fundraiser on the first Sunday in December.

Understanding that everyone is different, and that’s actually a good thing, Lachy’s Reach acknowledges that what may help one person may not be the right fit for another. They want to offer a range of services for young people and their families at a range of different facilities to suit their particular needs and location.

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