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Ways Horses Can Improve Your Health

There is something fascinating about horses. The combination of individual strength and concern for the well being of the group, their power and sensitivity, the profound awareness of their environment.

They are truly remarkable creatures.

I'm sure there was a time that my family wasn't involved with horses, but it seems a very long time ago and my memory of it is fading. When I was perhaps 6 years old we bought our first horse, an Arabian stallion, and then proceeded to develop a stud farm around him. My early years were spent doing the kinds of things that kids, and then adolescents, do on a horse stud - most of it working.

There was always a sense that these magnificent creatures knew much more about the world than I did. There was a gentle wisdom about them that is fascinating, yet they were spirited and powerful - not to be messed with. Where there was respect, there was also a strong bond that developed between us.

There is something profoundly insightful about a horse and its interaction with both its environment and the people in that environment that we can learn so much from.

I admit to having been a little biased in terms of what I thought was a great horse, no doubt influenced by my mother who was an avid breeder of Crabbet Arabians, and a national and international judge.

Spirited, intelligent, gentle, powerful ... magnificent animals.

Much of our time was spent working on the stud, building yards, doing stud work, and showing - so many hours spent at horse shows!

A New Direction

Over the past eight years I have begun to appreciate a completely different strength to horses - their power to heal. Where previously my families focus was on show ring success and the importance of blood lines and conformation, my wife Helen and I are now captivated by the ability of horses to inspire and connect with people to bring healing and wholeness. Rarely do we conduct a session here at Equine Insight where we are not surprised and inspired by their reaction and response to people.

It is such a privilege to be able to create opportunities for others, space for self-discovery and greater self-awareness through interacting with our animals.

Our world - the western world - is becoming increasingly disconnected and alienated. Yet,for many, the chance to spend an hour or two just learning to breathe again, to simply be present and to interact with horses in a profoundly natural way, can be a wonderfully enlightening experience.

If you have experienced it you are probably smiling now. If you haven't been there yet, why not drop us a line on our Contact Page and perhaps consider a free 'Discovery Session'?

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