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Team Building and Development
Equine Assisted Psychotheraphy

Used in the treatment of various clients including: military and emergency service personnel; at-risk youth; and families, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is gaining significant attention from the therapeutic world.


The Eagala Model is regarded as the international industry standard for equine-assisted treatment in the mental health community.

EAP involves a facilitation team that includes a mental health professional, an equine specialist and the horses. We work with the client to identify the keys to emotional and social well-being in their specific circumstances.

Our organisational growth and development programs aim to:

• Improve team dynamics
• Strengthen and encourage both individuality and teamwork
• Increase emotional intelligence and effective problem solving skills
• Clarify leadership and follower-ship roles
• Improve team communication and understanding

The potential applications are limitless! We can design sessions to meet your organisational learning objectives, whilst providing a powerful experiential learning opportunity.

Equine Assisted Learning

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) involves directed learning or educational goals and learning specific skills as defined by the individual or group, such as improved leadership insights for company executive teams, group and self-leadership skills for a school or youth group, or communication skills for marriage or families.

Personal growth and development programs aim to: Help you to understand who you are; Build your unique skills and abilities; Develop new skills; Improve personal awareness; Improve communication.

Like all of our programs, EAL also involves a facilitation team that includes a mental health professional, an equine specialist and the horses.

School Programs

We currently run a range of programs for student groups, as well as individual sessions as required. These programs include:

Student Well-being: dealing with areas such as concentration, communication, problem solving, and setting and respecting boundaries.

Young Women: A program for girls going through the transition to young ladies, i.e.: coping with change, self esteem, positive body image and keeping safe.

Emotional and Social Well-being: This program is aimed at students who are seen by teachers to be 'at risk’. Some of the issues addressed are distractions, peer pressure, choices, obstacles, effective problem-solving and communication.

Contact us to discuss how we might tailor a program for your needs.

Individuals, Couples and Families

We all want meaningful and positive relationships with others. Learning from the dynamics of the herd we can better understand issues  of interdependence and effective communication, and working toward achieving common goals.

Horses have a place within their herd, and depend on each other for survival. This survival mode is always switched on and is built into their nature. When they feel safe they will eat, play and interact freely with their immediate surroundings.

Our sessions for individuals, couples and families involve elements of both EAL and EAP, allowing clients to address issues together.

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